How to learn the basics of computer security

computer securityThough keeping your computer secure from outside threats can seem daunting, and for inexperienced computer users in particular, it’s just a case of being vigilant. Below are some of the most important ways of keeping your computer and data secure.

Update Your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware Programs Regularly

Regularly updating your anti-virus and anti-spyware software is not difficult, and this can also be something that you can set up to be done automatically. An advantage of automatic updates are that you are given peace of mind, and no longer have to worry about forgetting to carry out manual updates.

How To Detect Phishers

Phishing is aimed at catching out the unsuspecting email user. A phisher will usually try and convince you that they are sending an email from your bank, but their deception can easily be spotted by just checking the web address in the email. This can be done through placing your mouse cursor under the link and, surprise, surprise, the web address isn’t your bank’s at all.

Keeping Messages Private On Social Media

Though often great way to spend our time it’s important to be aware of who is able to view what you post. If you want what you say to always be private, and only viewable by people you choose to interact with, then you should adjust your privacy settings accordingly.